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Tagged posts: 'reactive'

Learn about the virtual threads integration in Quarkus messaging (Kafka, AMQP, Pulsar...).

How to detect pinning while running tests.

Describe how you can implement a CRUD / RESTFul application using virtual threads and Quarkus.

Introduction to the Quarkus Superheroes sample application, discusses some of the requirements for building it, and illustrates how to run it locally or deploy it to Kubernetes.

Quarkus 2.2 includes a new dispatching strategy to make RESTEasy Reactive even better.

How to use Kafka and Avro in a native executable

RESTEasy Reactive is ready to be tested

How to send and receive Cloud Events with Quarkus, Kafka and Reactive Messaging

Discover the Mutiny variant of the Vert.x API

Peeking at the streams

How to observe events without touching the streams.

Kafka - When to commit?

Offset commiting strategies in the Kafka connector

Failure handling in the Kafka connector

Running concurrent asynchronous actions with Mutiny

How to Use Kafka, Schema Registry, and Avro with Quarkus

How to combine reactive messaging, Kafka and the Rest client

Failures are an inherent part of any software. This post explains how you handle them with Mutiny