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Explore in detail the latest features added to Smallrye Stork

With Quarkus 3 and the Quarkiverse Pact extensions, Quarkus can run continuous tests continuously.

Writing Hibernate queries using the Criteria API can be anything but intuitive and comes at the expense of wordiness. In this article, you will learn how the JPAStreamer Quarkus extension facilitates type-safe Hibernate queries without unnecessary complexity.

How to use the Quarkus Helm extension to generate the Helm chart manifests

The unique build infrastructure of Quarkus allows you to solve complex issues in a very simple way by developing custom extensions.

The Quinoa extension takes care of all the Web UI build/wiring/dev-mode hassles to let you focus of your Quarkus web application logic.

The unique build infrastructure of Quarkus allows you to solve complex issues in a very simple way by developing custom extensions.

How to configure Smallrye Stork in a client-side microservice for using Kubernetes Service Discovery strategy

Creating a Quarkus extension for AWS CloudWatch We recently had the situation that we wanted to log our Quarkus application logs to AWS CloudWatch. Basically it takes some time but is not a big deal. Adding a CloudWatch dependency, creating a Log Handler and push the logs to CloudWatch via the provided AWS CloudWatch API. But what if you want to share it with others? Of course you could put it on GitHub as part...

Introduction to customizable service discovery and client-side load-balancing with Quarkus and SmallRye Stork

How to use the narayana LRA extension to create reliable long running activities.

If fast startup and live reload weren't enough for you, maybe custom extensions will convince you that you can achieve great things with Quarkus.

Expose Quarkus Apps metrics into OpenShift using Micrometer and Prometheus

All our tooling has been updated and can now generate Quarkus application with example code (Extension Codestarts) showing the true power of the selected extensions...

Swagger UI configuration and custom styling

Exploring some experimental SmallRye GraphQL features

The idea is simple, you pick your extensions and they are able to provide example code to get you started.

Exploring some SmallRye OpenAPI features

With the new Quarkus extension for Apache Cassandra® released in Quarkus 1.6, all it takes is a few lines of code to connect to and access your data stored in Cassandra and you get all of the benefits of Quarkus (fast-startup, low resource utilization, reactive programming).

gRPC with Quarkus!

Discover the Quarkus gRPC support

Quick look at MicroProfile GraphQL version 1.0 that is now part of Quarkus 1.5.

Since its first release, Quarkus lets you create resilient applications with MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. It uses SmallRye Fault Tolerance to provide this functionality. At the time SmallRye Fault Tolerance was born, Hystrix was still a thing and was chosen to be the core of the implementation. The choice turned out to be sub-optimal. The library itself is not developed anymore. Moreover, changes in the MicroProfile Fault Tolerance specification made it impossible to satisfy the specification...

If like me you have met Quarkus and fell in love, you started implementing your backend and you started to feel so light and quick, click clack, whoot whoot…​ in a woosh, your lightning fast native container is ready to be sent on your brand new Kubernetes cluster 🤙 This is awesome!! Mmmeahh you may have forgotten a detail…​ have you thought about the fate of your first production exception (please be honest with me...

The arrival of Quarkus 1.0 brings an innovative platform for developing Linux container- and kubernetes-native Java microservices. Developers typically have to set aside their existing knowledge as they begin to evaluate new and innovative runtime frameworks. Quarkus is different because it was created by a collection of engineers with a deep expertise in a broad collection of Java technologies. This includes Spring API compatibility, brought to Quarkus by the same engineers that bring Spring Boot...

Hibernate ORM lets you generate or update the database schema. Let's explore when to use such option in combination with live coding.

Quarkus ArC is a build-time oriented dependency injection based on CDI 2.0. But what does it actually mean and what benefits does a build-time processing DI bring?

In the 0.15.0 version of Quarkus, we introduced the Hibernate Search + Elasticsearch extension and, with 0.16.0, we added a guide and a quickstart explaining how to use it. If you want to index your Hibernate ORM entities in Elasticsearch and don’t mind updating your code from time to time, you’re very welcome to become an early adopter and provide feedback. What is Hibernate Search? This is an old time favorite of mine. Back in...