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Quarkus 1.3.1.Final released - Bugfixes, JDK 11 by default

Today, we released 1.3.1.Final which is a bugfix version on top of 1.3.0.Final. This version contains bugfixes and documentation improvements and makes Java 11 our default target for newly generated projects.

This is a safe upgrade for everyone using 1.3.0.Final.

What’s new?

Java 11 by default

This was an oversight in 1.3.0.Final and we decided to fix it now rather than waiting for 1.4.

From now on, newly generated projects target Java 11 by default, including the ones generated by This also means that all the default container images have been upgraded to Java 11.

If you use Java 8 to create a project locally, the project still targets Java 8 though.

We will deprecate the Java 8 support in 1.4. You will have a nice warning if you are using Java 8 with Quarkus.

We plan to drop Java 8 support in a few releases, probably around 1.6.

MongoDB client socket-timeout renamed to read-timeout

The quarkus.mongodb.socket-timeout configuration property was previously ignored. We fixed that and in passing, we renamed it to to be more accurate.

If you used it, you will now get a warning about having an unapplied property but the behavior will be the same as before i.e. the property not being applied. If you want to configure it, just replace the old name with the new one.

Bugfixes and documentation improvements

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