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Dev Services for Elasticsearch

If any Elasticsearch-related extension is present (e.g. quarkus-elasticsearch-rest-client or quarkus-hibernate-search-orm-elasticsearch), Dev Services for Elasticsearch automatically starts an Elasticsearch server in dev mode and when running tests. So, you don’t have to start a server manually. The application is configured automatically.

Enabling / Disabling Dev Services for Elasticsearch

Dev Services for Elasticsearch is automatically enabled unless:

  • quarkus.devservices.enabled is set to false.

  • quarkus.elasticsearch.devservices.enabled is set to false

  • the hosts property is configured, depending on the extension used it can be:

  • quarkus.elasticsearch.hosts

  • quarkus.hibernate-search-orm.elasticsearch.hosts

Dev Services for Elasticsearch relies on Docker to start the server. If your environment does not support Docker, you will need to start the server manually, or connect to an already running server.

Shared Elasticsearch

Sometimes you need to share the server between applications. Dev Services for Elasticsearch implements a service discovery mechanism for your multiple Quarkus applications running in dev mode to share a single server.

Dev Services for Elasticsearch starts the container with the quarkus-dev-service-elasticsearch label which is used to identify the container.

If you need multiple (shared) servers, you can configure the quarkus.elasticsearch.devservices.service-name attribute and indicate the server name. It looks for a container with the same value, or starts a new one if none can be found. The default service name is elasticsearch.

Sharing is enabled by default in dev mode, but disabled in test mode. You can disable the sharing with quarkus.elasticsearch.devservices.shared=false.


By default, Dev Services for Elasticsearch picks a random port and configures the application. You can set the port by configuring the quarkus.elasticsearch.devservices.port property.

Note that the Elasticsearch hosts property is automatically configured with the chosen port.


Dev Services for Elasticsearch only support Elasticsearch based images, OpenSearch is not supported at the moment.

If you need to use a different image than the default one you can configure it via:


Current limitations

Currently, only the default backend for Hibernate Search Elasticsearch is supported, because Dev Services for Elasticsearch can only start one Elasticsearch container.

Configuration reference

Configuration property fixed at build time - All other configuration properties are overridable at runtime

Configuration property



If Dev Services for Elasticsearch has been explicitly enabled or disabled. Dev Services are generally enabled by default, unless there is an existing configuration present. For Elasticsearch, Dev Services starts a server unless quarkus.elasticsearch.hosts is set.



Optional fixed port the dev service will listen to. If not defined, the port will be chosen randomly.



The Elasticsearch container image to use. Defaults to the elasticsearch image provided by Elastic.



The value for the ES_JAVA_OPTS env variable. Defaults to setting the heap to 512MB min - 1GB max.



-Xms512m -Xmx1g

Indicates if the Elasticsearch server managed by Quarkus Dev Services is shared. When shared, Quarkus looks for running containers using label-based service discovery. If a matching container is found, it is used, and so a second one is not started. Otherwise, Dev Services for Elasticsearch starts a new container. The discovery uses the quarkus-dev-service-elasticsearch label. The value is configured using the service-name property. Container sharing is only used in dev mode.




The value of the quarkus-dev-service-elasticsearch label attached to the started container. This property is used when shared is set to true. In this case, before starting a container, Dev Services for Elasticsearch looks for a container with the quarkus-dev-service-elasticsearch label set to the configured value. If found, it will use this container instead of starting a new one. Otherwise it starts a new container with the quarkus-dev-service-elasticsearch label set to the specified value. This property is used when you need multiple shared Elasticsearch servers.