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Quarkus World Tour 2023



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Snowcamp 2023

Date: January 25-28, 2023
Location: Grenoble, France
Event Type: In Person

SnowCamp is a unique concept: day-long workshops, tradiional conference on Thursday and Friday, and a socializing and relaxing day on the snow, in the mountains, on Saturday.

Quarkus World Tour - Dublin

Date: February 1, 2023
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Event Type: In Person

Dublin Java User Group welcomes Red Hat Developer Eric Deandrea LIVE in-person at to present 'Quarkus for Spring Developers', his 90 minute deep-dive session.


Date: February 1, 2023
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Event Type: In Person

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.


Date: February 6-8, 2023
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Event Type: In Person

Jfokus is all about developers!


Date: April 4-6, 2023
Location: Atlanta, GA - USA
Event Type: In Person

Devnexus is the premier conference for professional software developers who want to hear from and interact directly with internationally acclaimed presenters.

Quarkus World Tour - Boston Java Meetup

Date: April 11, 2023
Location: Boston, MA - USA
Event Type: In Person

Hands-on: Spring Boot microservices to Quarkus with little-to-no code changes.

Devoxx UK

Date: May 10-12, 2023
Location: London, England
Event Type: In Person

Devoxx UK is a space for developers to learn, sharpen their skills and get hands-on experience with the latest tech.

查看Quarkus讨论组的”活动“部分 参与其他社区相关活动。