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Quarkus is Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatible!

With the announcement that Quarkus 1.1 was available in December 2019, and after a tremendous effort from all the contributors and community, we’re excited to announce that Quarkus 1.1 is Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatible! MicroProfile 3.2 was released November 2019, bringing updates to the Metrics and Health specifications, but what is MicroProfile and why do I care? MicroProfile creates specifications for developing microservices with Enterprise Java, making compatibility with MicroProfile a key feature of Quarkus.

Over the last couple of months, the team has worked tirelessly to add the various MicroProfile specification TCKs to the Quarkus build and hunt down the failures they raised. With fixes not just in Quarkus, but also fixes for dependent libraries such as SmallRye and RESTEasy.

With Quarkus we’re seeking the best developer experience for cloud-native development. In addition to the MicroProfile APIs we provide support for popular APIs and standards such as Hibernate, Apache Kafka, and a flexible DI implementation that understands CDI annotations and Spring DI. For more information check out Quarkus CDI Reference.

Reaching MicroProfile compatibility with Quarkus has been a milestone we’ve been seeking for a while now, including full native compilation support with GraalVM! The team is eager to get back to bringing new innovations into SmallRye for Quarkus to utilize, which may result in new MicroProfile specification proposals in the future.

Stay tuned for future updates on what we’re doing. If you want to participate in the work we’re doing for MicroProfile, come by the forums for Quarkus and SmallRye and check out the repositories in the SmallRye GitHub organization: