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Posts by Ken Finnigan

Posts by Ken Finnigan

Ken is a Senior Principal Software Engineer for Red Hat Middleware and has been a consultant and software engineer for over 20 years with enterprises throughout the world. Ken leads the SmallRye project, which implements the Eclipse MicroProfile specifications while also looking to innovate with Cloud Native development. As part of his work on SmallRye, Ken is heavily involved in the Eclipse MicroProfile community to develop specifications for Java microservices in the Cloud. Ken has previously served as the project lead for Thorntail and LiveOak, along with other JBoss projects. Ken recently published “Enterprise Java Microservices” and has previously written two books, including "JBoss Weld CDI for Java Platform."


Micrometer is the recommended approach for metrics with Quarkus.

With the announcement that Quarkus 1.3 is now available, we’re pleased to additionally announce that Quarkus 1.3 passes the TCKs of all Eclipse MicroProfile 3.3 specifications. MicroProfile 3.3 includes the following specification updates: Config 1.4 Fault Tolerance 2.1 Health 2.2 Metrics 2.3 REST Client 1.4 Config The Config update includes fixes to prevent the incorrect caching of ConfigProviderResolver and classloader issues related to it as well. It also adjusted the priority of implicit converters and...

With the announcement that Quarkus 1.1 was available in December 2019, and after a tremendous effort from all the contributors and community, we’re excited to announce that Quarkus 1.1 is Eclipse MicroProfile 3.2 compatible! MicroProfile 3.2 was released November 2019, bringing updates to the Metrics and Health specifications, but what is MicroProfile and why do I care? MicroProfile creates specifications for developing microservices with Enterprise Java, making compatibility with MicroProfile a key feature of Quarkus....