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博客 - page 3

The October edition of the Quarkus Newsletter; curated online stories, articles, and videos about Quarkus.

Over the past five months, we’ve been really hard at work to improve Quarkus Tools in every possible way. So let’s look in more details at what was accomplished.

Learn about the virtual threads integration in Quarkus messaging (Kafka, AMQP, Pulsar...).

We released Quarkus 3.4.2, our first maintenance release for our 3.4 release train.

How to detect pinning while running tests.

先决条件 OpenShift CLI, oc: installation instructions Kubernetes by Red Hat, Kubernetes Plugin for JetBrains IDEA Marketplace Quarkus CLI, Quarkus: Installation Instructions Optional: Source code for this blog post: IntelliJ Kubernetes Plugin This shows you how the Kubernetes Plugin for Jetbrains IDEA is a great companion when deploying quarkus apps to OpenShift. To install the plugin in Jetbrains IDEA, navigate to the Settings, go to the Plugins section, and search for "Kubernetes by Red Hat"...

Describe how you can implement a CRUD / RESTFul application using virtual threads and Quarkus.

What has changed in Observability on Quarkus from version 3.0 to 3.3.

We released Quarkus 3.4.1 which comes with support for Redis 7.2 and changes to the Flyway extension.

What do virtual threads change when building concurrent applications with Quarkus.