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We released Quarkus 3.6.1, our first maintenance release for the 3.6 release train.

Explore how to verify Quarkus event-driven applications with the Citrus integration test framework.

Quarkus 3.7 will move Quarkus to use Java 17 as the minimal JDK

We released Quarkus 3.6.0 which comes with improvements in how the REST Client handles SSE and many OIDC and security-related enhancements.

Explore in detail the latest features added to Smallrye Stork

We released Quarkus 3.5.3, our third maintenance release for the 3.5 release train.

Quarkus 3.2.9.Final is the ninth maintenance release of the 3.2 LTS release train. It fixes a few critical bug fixes and documentation updates.

We released Quarkus 3.5.2, our second maintenance release for the 3.5 release train.

Learn about the new quarkus-langchain4j extension to integrate LLMs in Quarkus applications.

The November edition of the Quarkus Newsletter; curated online stories, articles, and videos about Quarkus.