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Posts by David Kwon

Posts by David Kwon

Intern at Red Hat working on developer tools.


Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code 1.3.0 has been released on the VS Code Marketplace , the first release of the year. Alongside various bug fixes, this release focused on introducing VS Code support that accompanies new Quarkus features like application.yaml support, server-side templating support and the Quarkus 1.2 kebab-case @ConfigProperties property names. For a list of all changes, please refer to the changelog. Watch a demo video of all features presented in this article:...

We are proud to present the new release of Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code, providing a feature-rich development experience in VS Code for Quarkus application development. This release focused on introducing tooling support for Gradle projects, as well as adding new language features. Watch a demo of the new features: New Features Gradle - Generate new Quarkus project Gradle - Debug Quarkus project Gradle - Add extensions to a Quarkus project Quick Fix...

New features for Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code.

Showcasing the new Quarkus VS Code extension.