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Posts by Andy Damevin

Posts by Andy Damevin

I am happy to wake up every day and make the Java world a better place with Quarkus. I am mostly a backend developer but I am not that bad at doing web apps either in my spare time, in fact, you can be the judge of that since is my baby :-)


The Quinoa extension takes care of all the Web UI build/wiring/dev-mode hassles to let you focus of your Quarkus web application logic.

All our tooling has been updated and can now generate Quarkus application with example code (Extension Codestarts) showing the true power of the selected extensions...

The idea is simple, you pick your extensions and they are able to provide example code to get you started.

If like me you have met Quarkus and fell in love, you started implementing your backend and you started to feel so light and quick, click clack, whoot whoot…​ in a woosh, your lightning fast native container is ready to be sent on your brand new Kubernetes cluster 🤙 This is awesome!! Mmmeahh you may have forgotten a detail…​ have you thought about the fate of your first production exception (please be honest with me...